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  • National Geographic Channel: Inside the Afghanistan War

    Premiered on National Geographic: November 2012. Credit: Co-Executive Producer/Writer INSIDE THE AFGHANISTAN WAR is the story of America’s longest war, told from the perspective of soldiers on the ground through their gripping combat footage. The program includes a rare interview with retired four-star General and former Director of the CIA, David Petraeus.

  • AMCOL: For Safety's SAKE—Trey and Holly

    AMCOL: Fall 2013. Credit: Producer/Writer/Editor For Safety's SAKE is a series created for AMCOL, a leading producer of bentonite in the US. Trey and Holly tell their story of an accident on the job that changed their lives forever.

  • National Geographic—Inside 9/11: The War Continues

    Premiered on National Geographic, August 2011. Credit: Producer/Writer. This is the fifth hour of Inside 9/11, a four-part series produced in 2005 which garnered a Primetime Emmy nomination. In this new installment, while Osama bin Laden hides in Pakistan, terror groups around the world he inspired continue radical Islam's war against the West.

  • AMCOL: For Safety's SAKE—Mick Velder

    AMCOL: Fall 2014. Credit: Producer/Writer/Editor For Safety's SAKE is a series created for AMCOL, a leading producer of bentonite in the US. Employee Mick Velder discusses his hearing loss and how it could have been prevented.

  • CNBC: American Greed—Joseph Medawar

    Premiered on CNBC, March 2008. Credit: Writer/Producer. Joseph Medawar bilked millions from unsuspecting investors with Hollywood dreams hoping to cash in on a television show based on cases from the Department of Homeland Security.

  • CF Wilson Award 2016

    CF Industries Wilson Award: Spring 2016. Credit: Producer/Writer CF's Port Neal, IA nitrogen facility won the second annual Stephen R. Wilson safety award for their innovative lab testing program.

  • Discovery Channel: 9/11: After the Towers Fell

    Premiered on Discovery Channel, September 2010. Credit: Supervising Producer/Writer. After the Towers Fell tells the stories of families caught up in the horror and chaos of 9/11 in New York City.

  • IMSE: Orton-Gillingham in General Education

    IMSE: Fall 2016. Credit: Producer/Writer/Shooter/Editor Orton-Gillingham is a systematic reading approach originally developed for dyslexic students. IMSE has tailored OG for use in general education classrooms, so that all students can benefit from in-depth reading instruction.

  • CF Wilson Award 2015

    CF Industries Wilson Award: Spring 2015. Credit: Producer/Writer As an industry leader in safety, CF holds an annual competition for best safety initiative, the Stephen R. Wilson Safety Award. In its first year, the Ritzville, WA distribution terminal won for their fall protection program.

  • IMSE: Lori Oczkus

    Spring 2016. Credit: Writer/Producer/Shooter/Editor IMSE trains teachers across the country to teach children how to read with a systematic, multi-sensory approach. Lori Oczkus is one of many literacy experts IMSE works with to better inform educators about the skills of literacy.

  • Literacy DuPage Tutors 2015

    Fall 2015. Credit: Writer/Producer/Shooter/Editor Literacy DuPage is a non-profit in the western suburbs of Chicago, devoted to helping adults with their reading, writing and literacy skills. Volunteer tutors are at the heart of the organization, as this recruitment video shows.

  • CF Co-OP 2016

    CF Industries Co-Op Program: Fall 2016. Credit: Producer/Writer As one of the world's foremost producers of fertilizer, CF Industries has a robust college recruitment program designed to cultivate talent from among today's top engineering students across the country.